The world is changing thanks to Google’s artificial intelligence

DeepMind‘ is the name of the project of Google that through different innovations in artificial intelligence, are leaving us with the mouth open. The technological platform of the search giant is able to perform different functions that are changing the world as we know it, thanks to an algorithm that allows you to have your own “criterion” .

It should be mentioned that DeepMind was acquired by Google back in 2014 and since then have seen amazing results . For example, this platform is able to complete a complete game and start a new one without having a specific programming, besides …

What can ‘DeepMind’ do?

  1. Play chess games
  2. Beat different artificial intelligence software in a video game called “Labyrinth”
  3. Beating humans in different video games

The new challenge that Google is facing is the development of an algorithm called “elastic weight consolidation” . This algorithm will help neural networks understand and save information to accomplish future tasks , without any software that orders them.


What can this algorithm do?

  1. Interact with different intelligent devices that have to do with the home
  2. Develop a voice system as human as possible
  3. Collaborate on advances that have to do with the health sector

All of this is a clear example of how technology is moving forward. Sometimes it is impossible to really realize what helps us in our daily activities . Such is the case of the technology that Telcel uses to provide us with different services. Thanks to the infrastructure used, it is much easier to contact our loved ones wherever we are.

Surely we are only living the beginning of a technological revolution that will allow us to have access to advances that we have only seen through movies . What is the breakthrough that will attract your attention in the future?

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