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Six free Google tools that help you make decisions

Collect and analyze data to make decisions has become a new form of management that prioritises statistical information on intuition. I am convinced that only two qualities lead to success but, increasingly, we must be able to measure what people are telling us. And that is the purpose of this post.

As surely as there are sophisticated, and very expensive, tools to large companies monitors the market is that any business can have a free information to help you move forward without groping. You just have to be willing to select those that best suit our interests and experimentation.

For starters you can see page ThinkwithGoogle and investigate catalog up to twelve tools completely free offers. Do not forget that this is information generated by the operator who best knows us by your browser and social networks. Moreover they have that made ​​in Google trademark: intuitive enough to start playing with them and sophisticated enough to challenge us to more out them out.

We selected the six most interesting tools so you look that best meet your goals :

Consumer Barometer

Provides information on more than 20 product categories (food, clothing, footwear, household appliances, flights, hotels …) in 50 countries to approach the habits of consumers in their purchasing decisions. It is of special interest for the management of ecommerce as it provides statistics on the type of searches performed by product and country , which helps explain the consultation process to search until the user gives the desired information. For example, since Google’s increasing use of video viewing, 9% of the consultation with users purchase intent notes.

Of particular interest is information on the use of devices, considering that the Spanish surfer uses an average of 2.9 screens slots and handled in different contexts and for different purposes : for example, mobile for information and quick shopping fix, and personal computer to make a purchase that requires more meditation.

Google Trends

Definitely a must-have and already in widespread use. The reason is the large amount of information provided to meet the searches that users make on your brand, products and services that you market and even the competition. Even if your business is offline , the information it provides is of great interest, for example : to select the range of product that will offer a new gourmet food store could make a study of the brands that generate more searches (keep in mind that only collects statistical terms with a given volume of queries).

Search trends performed by users used to know which keywords or keywords should position ourselves on the Internet, for example by generating content or hiring advertising services that respond to user searches. You know that the tool does not provide the number of graphics if searches of evolution in the specified time limits, allowing even compare several words geographies. It also allows you to view traffic from various web sites. Its use is simple, so if you’re not already using have no excuse to start today. Their results can download Excel and others to manipulate them to your liking.

Mobile Planet

The growing imposition of the dominant mobile screen has led to the search engine to offer a specific tool for marketers to understand how use evolves. The sales campaign last Valentine’s Day, Google reported how users increased the number of searches for florists and chocolate shops to solve a quick purchase at a local store through geo. But the information went beyond and the floristeros should increase its promotion in the range of 10:00 to 12:00 AM, while the peaks of chocolate lovers at the seeker was obtained at 13:00 PM and 15 : 00 PM. Facts to consider in the next campaign.

The tool provides information on penetration of smartphones by area, implementation of operating systems, the use of other screens in parallel, the most performed activities, user reaction against advertising campaigns, etc. A good read of this data can be structured campaigns advertising online in this bracket.

The role of mobile in the purchase process

Another interactive tool aimed at understanding the changes in the use of mobile phones. This time is meant to address all phases interacting in the travel consumer purchasing, starting with listening (what is said and who says it) and analyzing key moments: when and from where you use the smartphone , how many users made the purchase, how to start your search, application usage, etc.

As explained from Google: “This tool is based on the study of consumers around the world to better understand their behavior constantly evolving. Fully interactive, allowing you to create your own graphics selecting data based on demographic segmentation, age and gender, type of product and a wide range of metrics relating to the different places and times of the buying process.”

Global Market Finder

For those entrepreneurs who know no borders, Google has designed this tool aims to help locate public anywhere in the world interested in your products and services. Very useful to supplement market research for the international expansion of ecommerce and other businesses that value which markets its proposal may have a better reception.

Success in their use, as in many of the tools that I have presented, depends on the quality of the analysis of keywords made. The most valuable information we can get is the volume of searches and perform those leads which we find out, we must clearly define in what terms we want to position and go purifying them constantly. It can also help assess how markets are more interested in our offer to buy the results of several countries and even assess the cost of hiring campaigns to AdWords campaigns, as the price per click in each market.

YouTube Dashboard

From the wide range of Google tools, we selected finally is related to the content format most up passions among users. The video content is particularly sought after by the younger generation, which provides additional information on trends in this personal desktop social network YouTube, owned by search engine. Among the information that leads out to know what you see and share users with the ability to segment the types of content based on age, gender or location.

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