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What Is Marketing Automation And What Is It For?

The marketing automation is the use of software specialized to perform and measure different tasks automatically, so that we can more efficiently manage work, improves performance, reduces costs and leverages our time.

Although many processes already had them automated and it seems that is not something new, the technology we have today allows us to perform previously unthinkable functions, such as knowing, segmenting and classifying our consumers individually by typology, actions, behaviors, etc., and treat them “person to person” but automatically.

There are processes that are very easy to automate, such as an immediate response in social networks. A few weeks ago we talked in this blog, the bots that we can implement in our Facebook pages through Messenger. Users who come to us receive an automatic welcome response but in addition, through artificial intelligence, these bots are able to learn how to generate responses.

But through specific software, we can also automate functions for our databases, according to the interactions made by users:  segment users by Sociodemographic data and behavior, send specific communications by targets, differentiate content by interactions received, conduct surveys, etc.

In marketing, the most important thing is to know the consumers in each phase of the sales process to turn them into customers and loyalty and today technology allows us to customize actions that help us achieve our goals. We no longer work on “masses” of similar users, but on specific people who are already clients or potential customers, who with a good job of monitoring and personalized attention can become our new customers.

The important thing is not only the traffic that we are able to generate towards our web, but the interest and the conversions that we are able to reach. With marketing automation we will try to convert leads into subscriptions, downloads or sales, knowing what each user (at an individual level) wants and needs at each stage of the sales funnel and acting accordingly.

Marketing Automation and Lead Scoring

Starting from a database of the company, we can realize a segmentation of users, with the criteria that we have determined (including behaviors) to achieve our objectives. The software will provide us with a new listing with members that meet the requirements imposed, sorted according to the criteria selected.

Lead Nurturing

Once the records are sorted and converted into users that fulfill a series of characteristics, we can perform personalized interactions in an automated way. Depending on the behavior of each user with respect to the brand, we can send a communication or another totally differentiated and personalized for each individual. The secret is to build and strengthen relationships with our customers.

Internal automations

The different departments that integrate a company generate different data of the clients that can be of great utility for different processes of other departments, especially with the commercial area.

In the market we can find different tools and solutions to automate our marketing actions. Depending on the size and type of the company we can choose. Marketing automation will ultimately facilitate our work and help us improve the ROI of our campaigns.

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