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Google My Business improves your SEO and attracts more customers

On previous occasions we have discussed on this blog from Google My Business , the tool that Google offers to all who have physical business to manage our presence in the search engine on the Internet. Even, we have given twelve reasons why, if you still are not managing your business information on Google My Business, you should not waste a minute to do so.

This Google tool that allows us to appear in the results of Google without having a website can be an ally of ours when be found by new users if we optimize our information correctly.

According to the latest study by Google  on  the micro -moments , when people search on mobile devices to help in decision-making:

  • They have a chance a high 57% visit a store.
  • They have a chance 40% higher than call the store.
  • They have a chance a high 51% making a purchase.

New on Google My Business

If you regularly use Google services, you’ll be aware of what they like to update, occasionally, platforms or services. With My Business was not going to be less and in 2016 have introduced some new features on the platform:

  • Enter the locations of your business or businesses block (from an Excel) only with the latitude and longitude of each location, in the same way you can download the information on Google My Business in Excel, edit or update. 
  • Add special times,  whether for holiday, local holidays periods or special daylight saving time dates for personal reasons going to have another time, notify customers or potential customers of the time change is not always easy. Although notified through other channels, such as Facebook, or update schedules on our website, we can also do it on Google My Business, so that if someone searches, for example, “Dona Alpargata” any day in July or August, you will see that the store has a wider than in the other months time; so youcan take it easy around the beach without going running, thinking that the seven p.m. closed.
    NOTE: If you add special hours on holidays (albeit the same schedule as usual), Google will include a note to your local information indicating that the information could vary because it is festive.
  • Permanently close any of the locations from your local app mobile .

Recommendations to improve your positioning

As mentioned earlier, Google My Business can be a great ally for new customers to discover us. Every time searches from the mobile are more important and certainly more than one usually searches Google restaurants, shoe stores or repair shops when you are in a area or unfamiliar city.

Given these searches, Google will try to show, ahead of other results, local or businesses near your location. These results take into account three factors so that a place that is farther from a user may appear in front of another that is closer because it fits better with the user’s search.

These three factors are:

  • Relevance  or how well the business fits the user ‘s search.
  • Distance  or how far the location is the location specified in the search or the user if the user specified location.
  • Prominence : the best known is your business, the more likely to show up in the results. By prominence it refers to those premises or places that everyone knows, like a museum, a historic hotel or a distinctive store. To determine the role of a business, it is based on information out there on the web about the same (articles, blog mentions, links in directories …) as well as the positive sentiment towards your business users performing reviews on the same.

Although it is impossible to know for certain the Google algorithm formula, some recommendations that will help us to improve our position with Google My Business are:

  • Check your location . This point is important because it is the way it has Google know that your business is where you say you are. If you have requested verification and do not receive the letter, investigates what may be happening to not receive it .
  • Keep your information current and complete . Although we think that adding our name, address, phone and a couple of pictures we have completed the record of our local, we are confused. In addition to the information discussed above, promote our visibility include updated information on the timetable information and add external images and interior of the premises, of the products we sell and if they vary from season to season to keep them updated and even the team behind care of our customers. The more information you offer to Google about our business, the better you will understand and be able to determine how relevant we are to search for users.
  • Do not disregard the  comments made ​​by users. A business with user reviews and that they are managed is always positive. In addition, positive and quality opinions favor the visibility of your business.

The latest version of the Google My Business, at least the version of Android that is what I tried it, can make all the management and updating your business information from your phone:

  • Update schedules, phone and information.
  • Add special schedules.
  • Upload pictures from the gallery of images from your phone, and even take them directly and upload.
  • Make posts directly to our Google Plus or upload videos to our YouTube channel.
  • Statistics review both our business on Google and tracking of basic metrics our website with Google Analytics, if we had it.
  • View and reply to reviews (rating) to leave our customers.
  • Even know how many people interacted with the button to call and get directions to your establishment.

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