Good SEO practices

Good SEO practices help to improve your results

Those who are dedicated to this SEO know that we must be very abreast of developments, both updates as algorithms. As technology advances, it is possible that the SEO we do not work for a few months.

As far as SEO is concerned, there will always be some common mistakes made regardless of the time when we are.

Therefore, we would like to highlight a number of good practices, very simple and obvious as they seem, that will help you improve your results. I’m sure there are some that have not taken into account so far.

Here the essential SEO

Come up with a series of tips or good practices that you should keep in mind to achieve your goals and not fall in the attempt.

Consider the SEO early in the process of building a web

Not me because I devote to SEO, but should be a key consideration for any new web project. The days are gone when SEO was just build links and put keywords within the content.
Now we have to consider URLs in HTML and XML, as well as in the sitemap, and basic tags as titles or descriptions.

Keyword brainstorm with the whole team

It is one of my favourites. When we are so much time working on a project, you may fall into the error to focus too much on one type of keywords.

The problem with this is that some keywords that generate traffic may fall into oblivion. So I like to gather all the team involved in the website so that each contribute their ideas.

A broad view

SEO is a combination of several factors, there is no one who goes up or down positions itself.

Therefore, it is always a good technique to try to get the whole web is optimized as a whole, rather than focusing on small details, as the global problem it would still equally.

Tip: SEO Implementation Schedule

Leaning on Social Networks

Social networks can help us to climb in the ranking of results. So you have to have a presence there.

But not necessarily all, but where there is more relevant to our business, and which can share our content in the best way possible is thereby achieving a good reputation.

Quality and user friendly content

With ” Panda ” entered the dynamics give more importance to content, trying to be well written and easy to use, in addition to optimized images, both in weight and descriptive alt tags.

Do not confuse SEO and PPC

There are times when you cannot distinguish what is an announcement of what is not, but there is a yellow box next to the title. As we know, most users usually click on the first ad. Why not confuse the first result PPC with SEO.

I personally recommend that PPC is a term first brand in order to ensure that competition take the erroneous assumption of the user. If our offers and competition, are pushing for our brand, our ad is more likely to be up, and therefore, more important, at least in visual terms.

Be patience with the results

We cannot think that SEO has immediate effects to launch a new website. Among other things because Google also takes into account the history of the site.

Therefore, very close to the above, it is to strengthen the SEO visibility with some activity PPC, at least during the first few months until the SEO activity begins to show results.

Black Hat techniques Ignore

There are quick and cheap solutions, but they are almost always called Black Hat. Aggressive SEO Tactics that normally do not follow the guidelines of search engines.

We talked about keyword stuffing, stuffed keywords, where a is repeated without any sense, the use of hidden text (hiding all keywords in view of the human eye, for example, with the same colour as the wallpaper), and buying links .

The solution is that if it seems too quick and easy, cannot be good, the SEO strategies require time.

Use the right tools

Some people think that SEO is just building keyword, nice content and little else, when in fact you have to have tools for measuring and monitoring.
Besides, of course, a variety of flexible to bring the web to rank among search results strategies.

Pay attention to duplicate content

Many brands do not realize that your website may have duplicate content.

An example might be the page about us in various languages, and the use of various URL parameters.

Options to address this is to use the tag rel = canonical for pages that are essentially identical. Another is, if you have sites in different languages, use the label hreflang to show that this is a different audience. This is useful if, for example, you have two sites in English, one in the UK and one to the United States.

Optimize PDF files

It is one of the practices that occur. Although there are many more possibilities for optimizing an HTML content, we cannot forget the downloadable important part in the Inbound Marketing .

To optimize the PDF we have to make sure to use a plain text using a SEO friendly URL (with hyphens separating each word), and the title and size, as small as possible to optimize the loading speed.

Stop using flash

It is still used, but do not believe it. A search engines find it more difficult to read than an HTML format, so it will be harder to rank in search results.

And if we want to use flash, although you should not, because there are very good HTML5 techniques should be aiming to align with equivalent HTML format.

Use appropriate redirection

A redirection is the process of issuing one to a different URL. In some cases, the redirections include moving from an old site to a new one, or for example, a type to reorientation, so that users can easily find the web.

The correct way to do this is with a 301, because it indicates that the page has permanently moved.

And that’s all, considering these best practices, you can better optimize your SEO strategy.

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