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How to Choose a Right Digital Marketing Agency

The most formidable question that all companies face at some time or the other is Which is the best digital marketing company for my business? Well from the plethora of startup and established digital marketing agencies it becomes so confusing to choose one that would resonate the most with your niche! Many agencies come up with logical strategies while the others are always on their toes with attractive money bleeding schemes. Here are a few points to help you differentiate the experts and the enigmas.

  • Are they experts in your field: You do not want a startup to work all sorts of experimental strategies at the cost of hard-earned money that probably took years to accumulate in your account.Employing seasoned veteran agency who has a huge client database to flaunt would be much sensible. Don’t hesitate in asking them to show you their client list and even look up if they have clienteles similar to you which indicates they have previously solved the problems that you are currently facing.
  • Your digital marketing agency needs to pinpoint your pitfalls and fortes: In order to solve your problems and shortcomings, the digital marketing agency has to first understand the strings that pull you down and do not allow you to stand among the competition. Asking them to come up with a thorough evaluation of your strengths and your negative points will facilitate you to get an idea whether they understand your brand or not.
  • Scalability: Don’t be flabbergasted by fancy PowerPoint presentations and smart talks. Go to the basics, ask their previous employees about the agencies success to failure ratio. Approaching the companies for whom the strategies did not work out and knowing about those situations would give you an in-depth knowledge of the company’s core competencies and their fall backs. An easy strategy: Fix up a meeting at the agency’s office and ask the employers about their qualifications, it is no crime!
  • How good strategists’ are they: A good digital marketing agency will first give provide a road map to increase your ROI (Return on Investment). Haphazard working and optimizing by trial and error would lead you nowhere. So before singing the dotted line, a detailed strategy would give you an estimate about the services that each agency offers and how they differ from the others in the market. This simple point gives an idea whether the agency will be able to handle your project competently!
  • Are they brimming with latest innovations: Why do you employ a digital marketing agency? Simple answer, you do not have time to keep tab on all the latest innovations in your field, so you hire an agency to do so. Technology keeps constantly metamorphosing, leaping from one trend to the other and you need an agency capable to find those that offer maximum benefits. Boldness to go that one step forward after listing the drawbacks and reimbursements is the agency’s task. Those who practicing age old tactics and not up-to-date with the latest trends in the market are not the ones for you!
  • Should you opt for a freelancer or a company: A freelancer charges much less than an established company. A freelancer may not be the master of all traits while a company may be having individuals who are experts in different realms of digital marketing. A freelancer must be Google Certified individual both in Google Analytics and Google Adwords. The agency must be Google Certified Partner Company.

Key highlights: Do your homework, lay out the areas where you need help and shortlist all the agencies you think would be suitable. Creativity and out-of-box thinking is what a digital marketing agency is all about! If your marketing strategies are not giving desired results, it is time to stop and look up for a suitable digital marketing agency. It plays the role of a doctor, it diagnosis the pain and twinges and prescribes the right medicine.

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