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How to attract more readers with Facebook advertising

Do you bet on content marketing? Do you have a corporate blog, but you do not get just visit? One option is to advertise on Facebook Ads for your content.

In this post I will explain in a simple way of how you can promote your blog articles on Facebook Ads. Read carefully because there is more than one way.

Why should you invest in Facebook Ads?

Until a while ago, it was a little strange to invest in advertising for a blog, as they were usually used almost as a hobby. But, over time, blogs are becoming not only a way of life for some professionals, but also a loyalty and sales tool for any modern business.

They are also a huge opportunity to improve our position in Google and legally capture more leads for use in our strategies email marketing, a topic which will be discussed later.

In the same way, you will have noticed that in social networks companies every day make more publicity about their products and services. And, surely, you have thought why not also use it for the contents of your digital marketing strategy.

Do not worry; we all have been through the head use this strategy to increase visibility or visits to our blogs. This is a social network that not only allows you to advertise on the products or services of the companies, what’s more, Facebook Ads is also a very good choice for bloggers from almost any sector.

In fact, these techniques are increasingly being used to attract more readers and potential customers, which lead to the following question:

How do you advertise a blog on Facebook?

It’s too easy. The most logical thing is that, by organically promoting the posts you publish in your corporate blog, move through your social networks; in this case, mainly in the page of company in Facebook that you use in your strategy of social networks.

But look! Remember the difference between a personal profile and a business page or fan page. Facebook can penalize you, usually by eliminating your account, if you use a personal profile for a company. In addition, we can only advertise on company pages.

So make sure you’re posting on a fan page when you want to use Facebook advertising for the contents of your corporate blog.

Facebook Ads offers mainly two options:

  1. Promote a specific publication.
  2. Create an ad or set of ads. This option is more useful for advertising campaigns.

Overall, Facebook Ads can help you increase the visibility and visibility of your brand on the Internet.

Promote the publications of your corporate blog

It is done when you want to diffuse beyond your network a certain post posted on Facebook. The methodology is as follows:

Click on the blue button in the publication called “Promote publication”. Automatically, a new window will open with a series of options on the left. You can choose the type of audience you want to target. There are more options for segmentation, but the most interesting is the “Create a new audience” because it is the only one that allows segmenting the audience for their interests. This is ideal to reach an audience interested in the subject on whom you write, in addition, you can also choose the age range and place of residence of that audience.

The next step is the selection of a budget and duration of the promotion in the network, that is, to what day we want to be promoting the publication. The higher the budget, the greater the reach of users and the greater, therefore, the possibility of generating more clicks.

How to create your advertisement on Facebook?

This is the closest thing to a campaign, but in this case on Facebook Ads. It is essential, when making any type of campaign, to be very clear about your goal, what you want to achieve, otherwise your strategy will fail. First you have to choose between a series of objectives that offer you:

  1. Brand awareness.
  2. Local diffusion.
  3. Clicks on the site.
  4. Application downloads.
  5. Video playback.
  6. Generation of potential customers.
  7. Conversions on website.
  8. Interaction with the application.
  9. Sales of the product catalog.
  10. Visits in the business.

Of all these objectives, the one that adapts more to a blogger is the one of clicks in the web site. Why? Because the main objective is to attract visitors, that people know you and see your blog, who knows who you are and what you write. It is not easy to position yourself among the thousands and thousands of blogs that exist on the Internet. Especially today, that also companies start to have their own spaces.

The next step is to segment the audience by location, age, and gender. You will also have to choose a budget and determine the duration of the campaign. You do not have to start right now. You can program its start and finish. Next, you should choose the type of ad format. There are four types:

  1. Ad with multiple images or scrollable videos.
  2. Up to six ads with different images without added cost.
  3. Video ad
  4. Loop video announcement with up to ten images.

This type of operation will then be defined. Do not worry if you think you’ve done it wrong. In both options, when you finish the ad creation or promotion process, a preview of how it would look from a computer or mobile device will be generated to know for sure how your ad will look.

Finally, I’ll give you some tips that can be useful in several stages of creation:

  1. Facebook advises not to set a daily budget below two Euros. In fact, by default it usually marks four Euros. In campaigns, it is a good technique to start bidding higher at the beginning, to get a higher virility and a real historical data quickly so later lower and adjust the budget better. In most cases, Facebook will see that our content likes people and then give you more reach with a lower budget.
  2. In this network, the target audience is reached very quickly, so it is recommended to periodically renew the design of the campaigns for optimum performance. Keep in mind that the more a user interacts with your content, the more you will see yourself organically. So, renew the segmentation of your campaigns a little from time to time, to reach a much wider audience.
  3. Beware of segmentation and budget. Not doing a good segmentation, to pretend that you see more people with less investment, can make you reach users who are not interested in your content (lowering the engagement thereof).
  4. If you want to know what audience comes from the success of your campaigns on Facebook Ads, there is the so-called ” conversion pixel “, which consists of a code that Facebook provides and that you will have to install on the landing page, that is, on the page That post in your blog. It is not complicated to do but, if you do not know anything about web code, an option appears to be able to send to your web developer that code and install it himself.

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