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8 Tips SEO Positioning 2016

In this article we will discuss 8 Tips SEO Positioning 2016 based on the most relevant factors based on data that affect the world of online marketing today.

1. Understand the user’s intention and satisfy

If there is anything in the world of positioning today remains true is this: the user experience is everything.

Before an SEO strategy began with the keywords and this was the basis for optimization. Today, we must start with the user intent , and this must be our frame of SEO performance.

When we start optimizing a page, we should focus less on keywords and other words in the user’s intent.

  • What questions the user is doing?
  • What information the user needs?
  • What is the main purpose of your search?

Then we must seek how to answer these questions. We can connect the user questions with your intention. Then, we can connect the intention with the theme of the page. And the subject naturally use the right keywords.

We must remember the intention translates into a direct marketing action.

Many SEO consultants obsess about the semantic content optimization, but it is useless because it does not benefit the user, this one just wants to see your problem solved.

If we solve the problem, we will win the pursuit !!

2. Getting links from news sites

Today inbound links are still effective. But obviously, not all are equal. One of the conclusions of the conference SMX is the best positioned web sites have more links from news sites than those who do not.

To get links to news sites, we can do the following:

  • Press releases, for visibility in news sites
  • Enhance our personal brand
  • Participate in our sector forums
  • Involved in community activities
  • Write about current events

3. Continue to work the Link Building

Since 2014 many SEO consultants are proclaiming the end of link building.

There are ways to build links that are black-hat techniques and spam, but link building today is important. It is the future of SEO, but is this: works as long as it is done with care.

In fact, according to research conducted by Cyrus Shepard (Moz), the correlation of links, that is, the degree to which links impact the search results has increased.

Websites need inbound links to position well. We must obtain relevant and quality links, using a scalable method.

4. Use relevant keywords

As discussed, the user’s intent is paramount. Keywords are important, but always secondary with respect to the user’s intent.

We can get good results searches and clicks responding to the underlying questions to inquiries from users.

We should not be obsessed with semantic variants far saturate the content with keywords exact match. The latter would be a clear sign of spam and likely penalty.

5. Use interactive elements

There is a correlation between the use of interactive features and better positioning.

Some ideas for interactive content could be:

  • Buttons
  • Menus
  • Embedded tweets
  • Videos
  • Gifs
  • Infographics
  • Games
  • Widgets Social Sharing
  • Links
  • Surveys
  • Competitions

If you do not know or do not have time to do good interactive pages, we should focus on having a good site navigation, a clean interface and a well-designed site.

The high correlation of interactive content with an optimum positioning is indicative of how the user experience plays a critical role in SEO. Simply, the interactive elements are useful for the user and therefore better positioned to websites that use them.

6. Readability: writing content easy to read

It’s easy to tell if a content is good to see him. The easier it is to read a content, the easier it is positioned better.

In recent months the contents that meet these characteristics tend to better position:

  • They are long: the size of 300 words / article obsolete.
  • Legible: Google employs people to determine how readable and useful is the content.
  • Expert: people can tell if the content is of authority or weak.
  • Design: how the content is presented also makes a difference.

7. Using lists

Using lists is very important from the point of view of search engines and users. That is, everyone wins.

Experts from the SMX Advanced conference – the Search Marketing Expo commented:

“Regarding the use of unordered lists: If a user is looking for something in a hurry or from your mobile, SEO consultants should take this into account. Structured content enables users to get answers as quickly as possible. Users like the structured content. ”

Add a bulleted list is a great way to get content more usability and better user experience.

8. Use HTTPS

Since Google announced in August 2014 that the HTTPS protocol positioning factor be considered, they have seen many changes in positioning.

According to Searchmetrics , which has made ??a great investigation into the matter, it should recommend a secure connection, while it is true that today is not yet critical.

From what I have no doubt is that HTTPS is increasing in importance.


These recommendations come from some of the most renowned personalities in the world of Search Engine Optimization SEO. This does not mean that they are 100% correct, but they sure are pretty reliable. ??

If we consider and implement these 8 Tips SEO Positioning 2016 certainly we improve our position and that of our customers.

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