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7 strategies to get quality followers in social networks

Almost always we focus solely on increasing the number of followers of our social networks, to the point of obsessing with numbers. There comes a time when we only care about having thousands and thousands of followers. But is there a figure that guarantees assured success in your business? Does it matter more about quality or quantity?

Having many followers gives a good image and reputation, can even add credibility to your business, but not always, as an account with many fans and little activity can make us distrust a brand.

That is why it is important to assess what has more relevance, if quantity or quality. The quality followers are those users who are active in the community, ie, comment, they interact with the brand, read the contents, click on “like” retweet, etc.

Therefore, I throw the following reflection: what do you prefer to have a thousand passive followers or two hundred active followers who are involved and emotionally linked to your brand?

It is better the second option, to have quality followers, because these will undoubtedly influence your sales. They are users who really care about what you offer, and for that reason, your duty is to create an effective strategy to achieve and maintain a special bond with them and to satisfy their real needs.

Here are the keys to help you get loyal and active followers in your community:

1. Who are you going to?

Things as simple as age, your likes, hobbies, fears or worries are data that you should know about your target audience. So you can set a tone in your messages and decide what content is appropriate to create a strong link with them.

2. Study your content strategy

Once you’ve identified your target audience, you’ll have an easier time creating your content strategy. In this way, with common sense and a little study, you should focus on the topics most related to your audience to deal with on the blog and on social networks.

Imagine that you are selling T-shirts, in that case, the content you generate should be in harmony with your audience. And if that audience is a young, innovative audience, who likes technology, etc., how will you talk in your blog about the history of Spain? The themes do not have to like you, but your target.

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3. Does your audience value what you share?

And now, ask yourself that question. If the answer is no or you have doubts, you will know that it is not the correct way and that your strategy will fail.

You will only get active followers if you offer interesting and valuable content. A content of value is one that clarifies a doubt, informs you, motivates you or, why not, makes the day brighter.

So put your selling side aside and make good articles, edit and publish photos that connect with the user, or share in the wall a video that gives you some sensation. Let your imagination fly!

4. It is not necessary to be in all social networks

We have the habit of wanting to be “everywhere”, but as the saying goes “the one that covers a lot, does not squeeze”.

I recommend that you focus only on those social platforms that your target audience uses. I know it is not an easy task to do this research, but the following information can help you get started: Facebook is the most used social network by all, therefore, you must include it in your strategy; Twitter is the site where content is disseminated and confidence and reputation is generated; Instagram is ideal for brands of clothing, beauty, food or fitness ; And Linkedin is recommended to increase your network of professional contacts and to participate in groups related to your sector.

5. Select related groups from your area

The groups are very appropriate to give you know with your opinions and knowledge on a topic related to your sector that is being debated.

LinkedIn, for example, will help you position yourself as an expert and gain the confidence of certain professionals. And on Facebook, when you start from scratch with your community, a search for groups related to your industry can help you identify quality followers and leads.

6. Identify influences in your industry

The influences are people with high reputation of a sector and many followers who have great power to influence purchasing decisions of others.

For that reason, contacting some of them (related to our sector) to enhance our brand, will help us reach a broader spectrum of people interested in what we offer.

7. Post in appropriate slots

And most important, analyze your results for periods of time, every month, every week, every quarter, however you want, but do it. That analysis will tell you if you are doing well or if, on the other hand, you are not having the results you hoped for. This will help you improve your strategy, try other actions that you had previously discarded and continue with those that are benefiting you.

In addition, with this analysis you will see when is the ideal time to publish content and make more noise in your social networks. It ended up being posted at times when your users are offline. It does not make sense, does it?

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