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5 Reasons Why SEO favor the entrepreneurs and SMEs

Although elucidate about future algorithm changes Google, responsible for the factors that affect the SEO, is a complicated task, experts say changes will encourage entrepreneurs and small businesses are foreseen.

The updates to the famous Google algorithm have brought various updates and trends facing search engine positioning of the websites. Although it is difficult to anticipate -since Google updates its algorithm around 500 times a year , equivalent to a change every 17.5 hours-is interesting to recall how Panda was an important inclination towards quality content or Pigeon favored local businesses and local directory sites. What will bring the near future in terms of SEO?

The key to SEO your online store or ecommerce factors

According to projections of current trends, analysts anticipate that the upcoming changes in the SEO will be favorable to small businesses and entrepreneurs . We explain the signs below.

Here are five reasons to suggest that Google’s algorithm will be positive for small and medium businesses:

  1. The importance of local search : From the massive overhaul of the algorithm in 2014 Pigeon current updates of Google, whose local searches drinks importance of using the geolocalización- have increased their weight and have been perfected for mobile devices. The massive use of smartphones as tools of search results will cause local grow cumulatively, favoring small business location closest to the user.
  2. Virtual assistants and the trend toward personalization : Large technology companies make constant efforts to offer increasingly personalized results to consumers, especially through virtual assistants like the popular Siri or Cortana . These can gather valuable information about the behavior of users. Since one of the easiest ways for customizing search is adapting to the location or purchase history, small local and SMEs will be favored, since most choose “near me” in most default search.
  3. Interactions in social networks : Analysts point to a growing tendency for the exchange of items in different social media and the presence of inbound links. These social indicators play a larger role in the future of SEO, both directly and indirectly paper, because the browser makes increasing efforts to integrate based on social media in their SERPs results. As time passes, engines search gradually pay more attention to the interest – based social contacts content, favoring smaller companies and more targeted niches.
  4. Generalized fall of keywords : Large companies with much larger budgets SEO, they were more favored by the importance of keywords as a key factor in the Google algorithm. However, voice searches and through the smartphone , increasingly more presence- have led us to query keywords more conversational and based on the concept of long tail. The answers more specific mood, less close to organic traffic typical keywords, cause that SMEs have the opportunity to achieve greater search engine visibility, thanks to geolocation.
  5. Easier access to search engine optimization : While the technical aspect is fundamental and can not be ignored, today it is easier for small and medium enterprises achieve a good SEO, without such an accurate calculation of density words or construction of key links in an organized network, but with a smaller budget, you can focus on providing a great user experience to the consumer, producing high – quality content and building strong relationships through social networks.

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