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5 easy ways to attract more traffic to the website

Getting more traffic to a website is essential to try to increase the volume of business of an online project. Keep in mind, that getting more web traffic means getting more visits to a page and there are more potential customers. That is why it is essential to carry out a good digital marketing strategy in order to consolidate an internet presence that leads us to attract more and more web traffic.

Logically you need a series of resources and launch a series of actions to achieve that desired traffic, we will take a look at a series of basic tips that a company can implement to increase the traffic of a website.

1 / SEO For Google, Bing & Yahoo

SEO, is still one of the most important tools to get traffic to a website, Search Engine Optimization is trying to position different keywords, the pages of our website, in the top places of search results . If it appears in the first search results with a very popular keyword, more visits will be achieved.


Hiring an SEO expert is usually the best solution to get a good positioning, but you can also start by creating quality content , optimize different aspects of our website and try to get links pointing from other pages to another website in particular, from this form will be achieved gradually improve positioning, do not despair, SEO is a long-term strategy.


Keep in mind that within a healthy digital marketing strategy, it is essential to have more traffic sources than just SEO. It is essential to reduce dependence on Google since excessive reliance on the search engine could have a very negative impact on a company’s business (both in terms of traffic and revenue) if the classification criteria of the Google algorithm change.


2 / Pay per click on Google Adwords

The payment per click through Adwords is still a good idea, especially when we have not achieved good positions organically with SEO, we can bet on the payment per click in Adwords to position ourselves with ads to our website by certain keywords that will generate quality traffic interested in these keywords.

3 / Email marketing

Email marketing is still a fantastic marketing tool , we must bear in mind that despite the irruption of social networks and the latest innovations, we all continue to open our email and paying attention to what we receive.

Special attention must be paid to the new legislation at European level known as GDPR, which includes new requirements specifically designed to protect the privacy of users.

4 / Social Networks

Social networks have become great channels to capture traffic , we must take into account that we must choose the appropriate social network according to our type of project, but if we manage to develop a natural presence and connect with users, we can capture a lot of traffic towards our web.

Communication and published messages must be adapted to the audience. In fact, we do not share the same things in the same way in Linkedin as in Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

5 / Think mobile

It is important to think about the mobile user experience, today the largest number of people visit websites from tablets and smartphones and design our website properly is to earn a point for users to continue visiting us.

Companies must adapt to these media changes if they want to maintain their web audience and opt for mobile technologies adapted to their media and their problems (Progressive Web Apps, AMP, App for iPhone / Android, etc …).


It is important to try to generate a marketing strategy as diversified as possible , you can not depend only on one source of traffic and you have to make a good planning of the channels that will be used to try to capture as much traffic as possible, and of quality, towards a web.


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