4 SEO Tips for Blogs – Improve Your Blog Traffic

Having a blog can not only be useful to any person or organization that seeks to share ideas and content on the web, but can help companies to 97% more traffic to their web pages. This generates that getting more traffic to the content published in the blog has a lot of relevance.

SEO Tips Blogs

One of the best ways to get more inbound traffic to a blog is by improving your search engine rankings. While some companies will be able to afford to pay for sponsored results, good results can also be achieved through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. That’s why in Business Time we want to share some tips to improve the place of a blog in the search engines:

Use Proper Keywords

When a person writes a set of words in a search engine like Google, the algorithm behind it is configured to, among other things, search for words and key phrases to find and determine the order by relevance of those pages that have content about the subject consulted.

seo_companyThis opens the possibility for bloggers to get more traffic if they manage to determine and include within their content these words that your target audience tends to write when they want to find similar information. There are tools like the Google Keyboard Tool that can help blogs to check which set of words have a higher average of searches, which, if incorporated properly, can boost some posts higher, to the blog in the list Of results of a search engine.

Improve Publication Titles

One of the first recommendations is to try to keep the length of the titles – or at least the most relevant part of them – below the 55 characters in as much this is the amount of the same that will appear in the page of results of a search.

From the perspective of their content, titles should incorporate keywords used in the blog to enhance their relevance. Obviously the title should be able to catch the attention of the reader to encourage you to click on your page and not on any of the results nearby.

Longer, But With Friendly Format

The publication of more than 1000 words tend to rank better in search engines. However, you should prevent content from becoming tedious to read, making it easier to read by making short paragraphs, bullets, numbered lists, and highlighting particularly important sentences and paragraphs. Otherwise, the traffic you capture will end up running away.

Some studies have found that over 90% of blog posts that are read in their entirety take less than 6 minutes to read by the average reader.

Include Meta-Descriptions

A blog can be more easily tractable by a search engine if it includes a brief meta description that summarizes the content of the blog and includes the most relevant keywords. Beyond being relevant to improve the positioning in the search engine results page, this short text can be decisive to capture the attention of the user and achieve the desired click to the blog.

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