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12 reasons for your business is in Google My Business


On numerous occasions we have reiterated the importance of a business is in Google. As commented last week with a professional, it is true that businesses generally know Google My Business and its use may seem limited, but in response said that it is a simple, free way to have a good positioning in Google, without having a website or numerous social networks.

If two weeks ago we talked about the arrival of Google My Business , with the change involves the almost complete integration services company Google, and last week we clarify what are the three profiles Google Plus to interact on the Internet, this time we completed this “trilogy” of Google My business explaining twelve reasons why a business should use this tool.

The fact to register our business on Google Plus assumes these advantages while, become twelve compelling reasons:

  1. It is very simple to use: Simply access the link from Google’s own “How to be on the Internet with Google My Business” and follow the steps.
  2. It is very cheap: You have two options: do it yourself, with the help of these articles and self help of Google and a little time and interest; either hire someone external, in which case it is not expensive, because it requires an excessive expenditure of time (although knowledge).
  3. Presence in the Google search engine: Your business will appear as a tab with the description, scores, photos, map and Google Street View so prominent and taking up all the space on the right of the screen.
  4. Presence of Google searches: Depending on the contents generated and the interaction that takes place with users, the fact of using Google Plus to your business will favor the natural positioning in the first two pages of entries Google Plus.
  5. Google Hotel Finder presence: In case of a hotel will appear as sponsored in the Google search engine ads link below and before the web pages of content.
  6. Presence in Google Maps: displays geolocated when searching on the map with the deployment similar to the previous one in the top left of the screen tab gives in turn access through the reviews, to Google Plus.
  7. Google Plus presence: Whether is verified as if a page, show up in searches of this social network on local business.
  8. Mobile presence: not only it appears on the web, but your business will be immediately on mobile and tablets with the same functionality on the computer.
  9. Access to statistics: Every move you make your followers on your pages will be monitored by Google Plus and will offer statistics about their behavior, helping to improve your presence online.
  10. Comment management: If your customers interact with the brand or business owner you can answer as improving your reputation online if you know manage conversations.
  11. Google integration with the world: Increasingly Google tools such as Google Analytics and YouTube, which already appear directly on the control panel of your business on Google Plus are integrated.
  12. Google Photos: If you hire a photographer trusted Google to make a 360ยบ view of your business, the photos do, besides having high quality, appear well positioned in Google and will be the letter of visual presentation of your business on Google.

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